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Now that you already have our shapewear, which was redesigned and perfected especially for you, we want to make sure you get the most out of it, so we share with you our most important recommendations so you can take advantage of it to its full potential.

When you finally get your hands on it... Don't panic, it will fit! The PowerNet technology of the garment allows it to adapt to the body providing high compression and freedom of movement, most likely the first time you use your shapewear you will require the help of another person to put it on, don't give up at the first attempt!

Keep in mind that from the first hours of wearing the garment. Your shapewear will expand during use and adapt to your body making it feel more comfortable so that it can be worn with higher frequency. Be patient, we aim for 12 hours of use a day, for at least 3 to 6 months, that's when you will see permanent results.

Keep in mind that you can find more tips and important recommendations for the proper use and care of your shapewear through our website and social media.

Finally, we invite you to be part of the Sol Beauty and Care community, tell us about your experiences and share with us your progress photos to help motivate more girls like you who are looking to look and feel better.

1.- Depending on usage, you should wash your shapewear every 2 days if used daily.
2.- Washing should be done by hand with mild or neutral soap, avoiding squeezing or wringing.
3.- To dry the product, let it dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight.
4.- Do not dry in the drying machine. This is to prevent the heat from damaging or deforming the fibers.
5.- If you have a shapewear product, make sure that the seams between the legs are right in the middle of the crotch area to ensure that your shapewear fits properly.

1.- Soak the product in room temperature water.
2.- Use a wet towel with neutral soap to clean the shapewear.
3.- In order to remove the remains of deodorant and bad odor, rub the areas that make direct contact with your underarms with the wet towel.
4.- For the intimate area, soak the area with soap and rub cloth against cloth until eliminating marks or bad odor.
5.- Once the sweat and deodorant residues have been eliminated, soak the product until the soap residues disappear.
6.- Proceed to dry the shapewear without wringing it out. Place it directly under the shade or with a fan.

1.- Avoid using brushes to wash your product, as they may ruin the fabric of your product.
2.- Avoid abrasive detergents such as powder soaps.
3.- Do not use hot water to wash the shapewear, as high temperatures damage the fabric of your product.
4.- Do not use chlorine bleach to remove stains, to avoid damaging the fabric of the product.
5.- Do not put the product in a dryer.
6.- Do not squeeze the product after washing.

1.- Always wash your jeans inside out and in cold water to preserve their appearance.
2.-Do not dry clean. You will only weaken the fibers of the pants much quicker.
3.- Don't leave them soaking for a long time, jeans don't need much effort to get clean.
4.- Never use bleach or dryer, spread them out in the shade and let them air dry.
5.- Hanging jeans in your closet can affect and deform their shape, it is better to store them folded.
6.- Wash separately and always inside out, at the end of the process do not twist them, this may affect the composition of the product.
7.- Wash preferably with cold water in the delicate cycle or by hand, hot water can shrink and break the fibers.
8.- Do not soak, this helps it retain its color over time.
9.- Use mild detergents, do not use bleach or fabric softeners. No matter how dirty they are, you will damage the color.
10.- Keep in mind the lifespan of the jeans, its color can change without losing its beauty.

Throughout each collection, we pay tribute to DENIM as a brand essential and a tribute to the value of luxury and sophistication represented in JEANS of perfect cut, impeccable tailoring, the best quality materials, and the most qualified molding process.

In Sol Beauty and Care we know that every woman is different, this is why we want each of them to look and feel good about her body. That's why we are committed to our products, designed to improve women’s quality of life; with style, comfort, and quality. Your shapewear is designed with PowerNet technology, which helps mold your figure in a subtle way so that its use does not hurt or annoy you. In addition, our garments are made with the highest quality materials and the latest elastomeric technology to avoid any kind of skin irritation. Thanks to the mixture of resistant Cotton, Spandex, and Nylon materials used for the elaboration of this product.

The use of shapewear has many benefits such as the following:

In Women:
1.- Shape your figure and help reduce sizes.
2.- Provides back support, fixing your posture.
3.- Promotes firm tissue after pregnancy.
4.- Between 2 to 4 months after surgery, it helps the skin adhere to the muscle again, avoiding inflammation and fat accumulation.
5.- Its constant use favors a curvier figure by closing the rib cage.
6.- Firms tissue and tones your muscle, and abdominal area.

The shaping vest for men:
1.- Reduces fat accumulated in the obliques and compacts the pectoral muscles.
2.- Provides back support, fixing your posture.

To get the most out of your shapewear, remember that it is very important to choose the right size; you should measure, with body tape, the part of your body corresponding to the garment. For the waistband, you must measure your waist above the navel without holding your breath (tucking your belly), once you have selected your product, press the option "Size Chart" in which you will see our Guide helping you choose your product. Remember that if it is the first time you buy a shapewear, consult with our customer service team to receive personalized assistance. You can contact us via the following means:
USA: (510) 592 5164
MEXICO: (664) 414 9614
WHATSAPP: +52 (664) 575 6005

In most cases, the shapewear is quite discreet. However, if you wear clothes that are too thin and tight, there will be certain details that can be noticed, especially if it is a shapewear with center snaps.

Our products are designed with high tech materials of the highest quality, which are resistant and soft to the touch, avoiding any type of irritation so that you are always comfortable. Remember that it is very important that your shapewear size is the proper one according to your body to avoid any kind of discomfort. If at any time you experience discomfort or pain, we recommend you reduce the amount of time you wear it or stop using it altogether. The use of this product is the sole responsibility of the user.

Throughout the first few days of wearing your shapewear, it will feel very tight. This sensation is normal. As the shapewear is worn and washed, it becomes more flexible. To make your shapewear more moldable, we recommend leaving it in water with fabric softener for 30 minutes and then washing it by hand.

All of our shapewear is made with Powernet technology to adjust and mold to your body. We only handle high-quality materials such as cotton, Nylon, and Spandex among others, which besides being resistant, they avoid any kind of skin irritation.

When you are paying in USD outside the USA, the currency exchange rate will be determined by the bank that issued your card.

Hourglass: The seams in the Hourglass line are thicker, the shaping effect is marked (which means that wearing the shapewear will be noticeable), push up in buttocks is firmer, better waist definition, and there is a wider variety of sizes, both regular and irregular.

Mermaid Silhouette: In our Mermaid Silhouette, seams are discreet and unnoticeable, the shaping effect is more natural, push up in buttocks is subtle, as well as waist definition. Due to its ‘invisible’ nature, Mermaid Silhouette is friendly with light clothing.

Our usual fulfillment time is around 3 business days.

All of our shapewear pieces are manufactured directly in Colombia using the finest materials and ethical work conditions for every team member.

Powernet is an elastic fabric made from a mix of polyamide and elastane. Garments made with this material have greater compression than those made with Lycra alone.

Powernet fabrics have the ability to adapt to the person's body, have high compression, better drape, provide freedom of movement and recover their original shape quicker.

Due to its gradual compression, the Powernet is a garment that helps shape your body with its constant use.

For info on this, please send an email to:

How do I make a purchase? 

Purchasing at is very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Go to the Home section through our website, click on “Go To Store”, look around and find your ideal product.

2. To add products to your cart, choose color and size (compare your size with our size chart before buying). Any questions? Our sales representatives will help you find the right product for your body. 

3. When you have everything you need in your shopping cart, fill out the shipment information in the proper fields.

4. Select your payment method and fill out your payment information, then click on “Pay”. Once the payment has been accepted, you will receive an email with the purchase confirmation and your order number.

5. Receive your product at the door of your home or office.


Is it safe to buy through


It is 100% safe to buy at Both our website and payment system include Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a security protocol with which your information travels safely. Additionally, in our privacy policy you can consult the way we manage your personal data.  However, it is important that you take the recommended measures to prevent fraud.


How can I modify the items in my shopping cart?


If you haven’t placed your order, you can go to your shopping cart in the top right corner, it will show you the products you have chosen. There, you can erase the product you don’t want, look for the right one, and select it.


If your purchase has been confirmed, we can’t modify the order. We suggest you contact our customer service representatives as soon as possible so we can best help you out.


Keep in mind that after receiving your product, you have 10 calendar days to process an exchange.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team:

USA: (510) 592 5164

MÉXICO: (664) 414 9614

WHATSAPP: +52 (664) 575 6005

How long does shipping take?


The estimated shipping time is within 7 to 10 business days for the United States, 6 to 8 business days for Mexico, and 8 to 11 business days for the rest of the world. 


How much does shipping cost?


Shipping to Mexico and the United States is free.


Shipping fees to other countries is $50 USD.


How can I track my order?

When we ship your products, you will receive an email notification indicating the order number and the tracking number. 

With the tracking number you can see the shipment status and the estimated delivery date directly on the carrier's website.


Can I cancel an order?

Once an order is placed, we cannot make any modifications, or cancel it. We cannot stop an order if it is already being fulfilled. Please review your order in detail before placing it.

If you wish, you can start an exchange once you receive your order. Please refer to our returns and exchanges policies to do this.


How can I modify the shipping address?

If your purchase has been confirmed, we can’t modify the order. We suggest you contact our customer service representatives as soon as possible so we can best help you out. 

Attention: If your order has shipped, it will not be possible to change your address. Contact us to help you.

USA: (510) 592 5164

MÉXICO: (664) 414 9614

WHATSAPP: +52 (664) 575 6005


What can I do if I am not at home when the order arrives?

If at the moment of delivery, you are not at your address, the carrier may leave it with any person of legal age who is at the registered address. If there is no one to receive the order, a new delivery attempt will be made the next business day. The carrier will make up to 2 delivery attempts before being returned to our offices. In this case, we recommend you contact the carrier to agree on a new delivery date. 

What can I do if my package has not been delivered or takes longer than usual?

In different delivery companies, the shipment status may take 1 to 3 calendar days to be updated on their website.

We suggest you check the status of your order during that time. If over 3 days have gone by, and you still cannot track your order, contact us by the following means:

USA: (510) 592 5164

MÉXICO: (664) 414 9614

WHATSAPP: +52 (664) 575 6005

How can I exchange or return a product?

Returns/exchanges for eligible products purchased through our website must be made by returning your product by mail (postal service). If you need to exchange a product, you will be able to request it within the first 10 days of receiving your purchase. The product will be eligible for exchange or return on a case-by-case basis under the following conditions:

1.- All items must be in optimal conditions, with original tags attached and original packaging. Without exception, items that have been worn, altered, or irreparably damaged will not be accepted for return.

2.- Discounted products do not apply for exchange or for credit in other purchases, therefore, they cannot be returned. It is advisable to check carefully when buying this type of items to prevent choosing incorrect sizes.

3.- Due to the intimate nature of some of our products, they must be tried on wearing underwear and the protective panty included in your package.

4.- It is necessary to take care of your personal hygiene when trying on your products. Since some of our products are intimate, they require special care.

5.- The product must not present any trace of odor or body fluid, or residue of hygiene products.

6. Once Sol Beauty and Care receives your product, a thorough evaluation will be carried out and we will give you an answer about your exchange or return within a period not exceeding 20 business days from receiving your product at our facilities. *WE DON'T DO REFUNDS*

7.- Only one exchange per purchase will be accepted. To avoid inconvenience, it is recommended to take advice and choose your correct size. In case you are granted a momentary credit (for pending advice), this would not apply to another return or exchange (even if the item is different).
If the returned product does not meet the quality specifications mentioned above, the exchange will not be made, therefore, it will be returned to the sender (same shipping address).

How long does it take to make a return or exchange?

Merchandise that qualifies for returns or exchanges will be processed in 15 to 20 business days from receipt of the product. You will receive a confirmation email once the process is complete. In case of credit assignment, a notification of the assigned credit amount will be sent to you by email. 



Can I exchange an item that someone bought me as a gift?

To exchange products that have been purchased as gifts, we require the person who made the purchase to contact our customer service within the first 10 calendar days of receiving it, since any modification of the generated order will only be applicable for the person who made the purchase.

SOL BEAUTY AND CARETM is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data. You can contact us by writing to the email: 

In this regard, we inform you of the following:

This notice always contemplates the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility in the processing of personal data.

The data that we collect for this:

Last name 
Telephone and/or Cellphone numbers 

How we use your personal data.

  • 1. To contact you for purposes of promotions, sales, contacts and shipments of the products we offer. 
  • 2. To identify you as a client.
  • 3. To evaluate and generate statistics on purchasing and consumption habits, internal studies of the profile of our clients and the quality of our products 
  • 4. To notify you of offers, new products, invite you to participate in opinion surveys to improve our products 
  • 5. For the creation and direct offer of new means of sale, new payment methods and marketing.
  • 6. To make valid guarantees and returns

Sensitive personal data. 

SOL BEAUTY AND CARETM does not request sensitive personal data. 

Information that is shared with third parties 

SOL BEAUTY AND CARETM does not transfer your personal data to third parties. 

The online payment platforms available through our portal are owned by third parties which comply with their own privacy policies.

SOL BEAUTY AND CARETM does not have access to your personal data related to the use of credit or debit cards, security codes or passwords to access bank accounts that you use for electronic payments.

Your Choices and Access Requests

We strive to offer you choices about how personal information is used and shared. Your choices include:

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Security and Fraud

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  • · Reviewing your Sol Beauty and Care account periodically and immediately reporting any unexpected activity or unrecognized information.
  • · Installing the latest security updates and anti-virus software on your computer to help prevent malware and viruses.
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  • · Not using the same password on more than one website.
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  • · Password protecting your computer and mobile devices.
  • · Signing out/logging off website sessions so that your session is closed, especially when using a public computer.

You may get in contact with websites, emails, or texts that try to lure you into providing personal information with an offer from our companies or third parties. If you become aware of any potentially fraudulent activity on a website or in an email or text, please forward the information to or call us at (510) 592 5164 so that we can follow up. You can also visit our website for additional information.

Notices, Disclosures, and State-Specific Rights

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  • · California Privacy Rights. California law entitles residents to ask us for a notice describing what categories of personal information we share with third parties for the third parties' direct marketing purposes. Unless you request us to or consent to our doing so, Sol Beauty and Care does not sell any personal information to third parties for their own direct marketing purposes. If you have questions about these practices, please contact us at California law also provides residents with rights to request access to and deletion of certain personal information, to know whether personal information is shared, and to opt out of the sale of personal information. Some California laws also may define "personal information" differently from this Policy. To understand how we honor these California rights, to make requests regarding these rights, and to learn more about how California law defines "personal information," please visit 
  • · Children's Privacy. Sol Beauty and Care does not knowingly request or collect personal information from any person under 13 years of age without prior verifiable parental consent. If you believe that your child under the age of 13 has submitted personal information to Sol Beauty and Care in connection with our website, and without prior verifiable parental consent, please contact us at so that we can take steps to delete the personal information that they provided.

International Customers

If you provide personal information through our website separate from a purchase, you agree that the personal information will be transferred to and processed in Mexico and any other country or jurisdiction at our sole discretion. 

The laws that apply to the use and protection of personal information in Mexico, the United States or other countries or jurisdictions in which we transfer, or process personal information may be different from the laws and protections in your country.

Terms and Conditions:

The balance of our Gift Cards may only be used on purchases within the authorized Sol Beauty and Care Monterrey boutique.

Gift cards are not redeemable at any other Sol Beauty and Care point of sale; national, international, or on our website.

The balance of the gift card will correspond to the price specified on the cover displayed and/or the balance that is purchased and activated which will be covered and will be supported by the purchase receipt.

Purchases will be deducted from the user's Gift Card balance. If a purchase exceeds the balance on the user's Gift Card, the remaining amount must be settled by another payment method.

If the Gift Card balance is greater than the value of the purchase, the remaining balance will remain on the card for use on a future purchase.

Gift Cards and their balances are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Gift Cards may not be used to purchase other Gift Cards or third-party gift cards and may not be resold, recredited, or used for off-premise payments, advertising, marketing, sweepstakes, promotional or commercial activities; redeemed for more than their value; redeemed for cash; refunded in cash (except to the extent required by law); or exchanged for anything other than what is offered at the Sol Beauty and Care Monterrey boutique.

The use and safekeeping of this gift card is the sole responsibility of THE CUSTOMER, therefore, due to its form of circulation and liberatory power, this gift card will not be replaced in case of theft, loss, or misuse once it has been activated and delivered to THE CUSTOMER.

Sol Beauty and Care will not assume any responsibility for the misuse of the gift card once it has been activated and delivered to THE CLIENT.

No sales tax is charged when purchasing Gift Cards; however, purchases paid for with Gift Cards will be charged applicable sales taxes.

This gift card is provided by SOL BEAUTY AND CARE S. de R.L. de C.V.

Questions and comments to:

Telephone: (664) 414 9614
WhatsApp: +52 (664) 575 6005

Restrictions of use:

Incurring in these activities may result in the cancellation of the gift card by Sol Beauty and Care. Prohibited:

  • Selling or exchanging a Gift Card for cash, or any other prepaid instrument.
  • Giving or receiving a Gift Card as payment for products or services outside of Sol Beauty and Care.
  • Using a Gift Card to pay for orders placed for commercial purposes (i.e., online stocking of inventory).
  • Using a Gift Card to make sales or pay for purchases made with the intent to resell or export such goods or services.
  • Purchasing a Gift Card from an unauthorized third party. We cannot guarantee that Gift Cards are legitimate if they are not purchased from an authorized Sol Beauty and Care Monterrey boutique.
  • Using a Gift Card to purchase certain ineligible goods and services, such as other Gift Cards.
  • The products and services eligible for purchase with our Gift Cards are subject to change at our discretion and without notice.
  • To pay for an order that includes ineligible products, you will need to provide a credit card, debit card, or another valid payment method.
  • Transfer a Gift Card to another account once the redemption code has been redeemed.
  • Redeem a Gift Card on an account if you are not the intended recipient.
  • Using a Gift Card for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
  • Engaging in any activity that, in our sole discretion, is harmful to our customers and our reputation, betrays our goodwill, and adversely affects our business or operations.

This list of activities is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive list of all prohibited activities. Engaging in prohibited activities or using a Gift Card in violation of our Terms and Conditions may result in voiding the card in its entirety.


To obtain an exchange or credit, the following must be fulfilled:

If the garment is not your size or you visibly believe that it will not fit, DO NOT try it on since our garments are made of sensitive material. When stretched, the steel bones may bend if forced.